“This is great. I'll be tuning all my drums to the key of the song in a matter of moments. Well done iDrumTune!” Alex Reeves, worked with Dizzee Rascal, Nick Cave and Paul McCartney (www.alexreeves.com)

Press Release July 2012

The iDrumTune iPhone App analyses the sound of a drum and gives a measurement of the drumhead vibration frequency.
Like a guitar tuner, but for drums!

Demo video - clearing the drumhead

Demo video - using the filter feature

Demo video - tuning a 16" tom

____________________________ Academic publications

Toulson, E. R. 2009 - Percussion Analysis and Quantitative Drum Tuning, tutorial presentation at The 127th Audio Engineering Society Convention, New York, October 2009. download slides

Toulson, E. R., Cuny-Cringy, C., Robinson, P. & Richardson, P. G. M. 2008 - The perception and importance of drum tuning in live performance and music production, Proceedings of The Art of Record Production Conference, Lowell, Massachusetts, November 2008. download paper

Richardson, P. G. M. & Toulson, E. R. 2011 - Fine Tuning Percussion: a new educational approach, The Journal of The Art of Record Production, Issue 5. read online here

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Reviews, features and user feedback

"I cant recommend this app highly enough ... for the money, it is indispensable. It's simple, accurate, looks good, and the tuning information is worth the cost of the app alone."
read online here at www.mikedolbear.com

"an invaluable aid not only for drummers but also studio engineers and producers"
Sound on Sound Magazine
read online at www.soundonsound.com

"Putting the kit back together and hearing the results was a great moment, André was thrilled with the result. I must confess it sounded superb. The app really helped him get a good sound on his kit, something which has eluded him for a while when working by himself with just his ears and a drum key. Having a reference point and a target made such a difference to his tuning ability."
The Black Page
read online here at www.theblackpage.net

"The app isn’t just a simple frequency analysis algorithm, else someone would have done it long ago! Dr. Rob Toulson has been researching the acoustics of drums for many years and have presented academic articles and conference presentations for all the top international Societies including The Acoustical Society of America, The Audio Engineering Society and The Association for the Art of Record Production."
Indian Drummer
read online here at www.indiandrummer.com